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The hand on my waist was pulling me down and his big cock head was pressing against my hole, pushing it's way in. This story from olds has been read 8 1 8 1 times. He was staring down at my sticky face when I felt him tighten up and his pace increased. His hair was cut short and greying at the temples. Together they sat down, one on each side of me. He pulled me to him and kissed me hard on the lips, He spread my legs and slid between them into the missionary position and lifted my legs up and around his waist.

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He lifted my shirt to expose my breasts and began kissing and licking them.

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Slowly he climbed on top of me, forced my legs apart and entered me, thrusting and twisting until we both came again. We kissed again and stayed wrapped in pleasure and exhaustion for some time. He leaned over and said that I might be having problems recognising him, and then laughed and said quietly that he remembered me from a visit to a local club. He was clean shaven with just a hint of shadow. A Timeless Place Ch. I worked my lips down his shaft and began moving my mouth up and down, licking and sucking his cock that was growing larger every moment. He asked me to lay back and kissed my stomach, my thighs and my erect penis, putting it in his mouth sucking and licking all the while.

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I told him my name and asked his and he just said "just call me sir". I told him that I was twenty six but a lot of people judged me as being much younger. But i decided to browse online as not many people found me, a short 5'4" tall weighing in at pounds attractive as most of the people who are out when i am are looking for someone taller and older than me, they also weren't my type. Then it started, the pounding, the unrelenting fucking. His hair was cut short and greying at the temples.

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