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Dragonforce were introduced to me through GH3. I can see people saying Guardian are gay and I wouldn't disagree entirely. It would be no surprise if they couldn't actually play it live. Look at my photos from concerts, travels and more:: It's such cliched, cheese driven hilarity. Just wondering, I want to answer well.

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Indeed, before 'Indie' became a genre, it was just a way of describing any band that wasn't on a major label.

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Heh, ofcourse he can't play it on guitar hero, anyone who has seen them in real-life can probably vouch for the fact that they can't play their solos on a real guitar that they have presumably been practicing for years and years. Never mind something that's only been around for a couple Another band that's similar ot them - well, not that similar, but still deserving of a shoutout - is Sonata Arctica. Gay power metal Dragonforce I believe he can't play the song in GH 3 and that is nothing special.

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They were really quite good. I believe he can't play the song in GH 3 and that is nothing special. I'd find the answer right now if I was less busy. And therefore I ask you to stop using that word for negative things it does not mean, because that is offensive. Cheesy works just fine. I'm pretty sure that the genre of music playing through the entire campus was not "indie".

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