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December 3, by gavinmaclure Leave a comment. I am for promoting the rights of all people in society and I have never had a problem with people being homosexual and I truly can say I have never met anyone in the Conservative Party who was homophobic in their words and deeds. Political leadership can move countries and the world: It was sad to leave Ipswich but it was time for a change and since stepping down from active politics as a local councillor and Tory activist the opportunity was there to open a new chapter in my life. This entry was posted in Uncategorized.

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I know many people are deeply concerned about the impact that could have on our country.

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Vote Conservative

A new dawn has broken, has it not hat tip to a Mr. There has been no scientific analysis of why over a hundred thousand members have deserted the Tory grassroots but the upsurge in membership in UKIP and the collapse of the Conservative vote in the English County Elections in May provides some clue. November 27, by gavinmaclure Leave a comment. There are some less worthy reasons for preserving prevailing structures, such as sheer self-interest, but the overwhelming reason for valuing established institutions is intellectual modesty. Oh dear, oh dear. I found this deeply suspicious and it helped me understand the difference between a true-blue Tory and those just along for the power-trip. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

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Not all so-called Conservatives were demotivated by their party forming a coalition with the Liberal Democrats. Gay couples in civil partnerships already have ALL the legal rights as married heterosexual couples. November 30, by gavinmaclure 1 Comment. Many Tory MPs especially the new intake of are canny at being able to play both hands: Where has everyone gone?

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