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Ask a Gay is an occasional column by Henry Hank Scott, publisher of WEHOville and an avid student of gay culture, which he has studied since he came out at the ripe old age of And whadda you know? Loading comments… Trouble loading? Kiss his inner thigh, and the part of this make between his serving and scrotum, and the scrotum itself, etc. Bill sequential a glass of beer, took a drawn-out gulp and nearly thrown up from its repellent taste. For one thing, it seems to come from the straight culture. Visiting the British Museum's Pompeii exhibition with my kids this week, predictably, what they were most interested in was the licentious behaviour exalted in much ancient Roman art and iconography.

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When I burst out laughing, he told me I was showing my age and went to sleep on the couch.

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No profanity, and please focus on the issue rather than attacking other commenters. And whadda you know? But conclusively partnering with one sex or another has obvious flaws when examined in depth. Uncovering digressions from what we perceive to be "the norm" is what makes opening my inbox a weekly treat. Posted by Henry Scott.

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I suggest you try not to hurt anyone in the process, but relax and enjoy finding out what works for you. Loading comments… Trouble loading? Mariella replies What's normal? If you have a dilemma, send a brief email to mariella. Posted by Henry Scott. I went to a single-sex school and have never really had any female friends. Leave a ReplyYour Comment words maximum please.

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