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When it comes to re-watching The O. But did Cohen help to change that? Just like straight couples on TV have been doing since Lucy and Ricky pushed their beds together. Luckily, you have us to guide you through some of the best and some of the more questionable bits from that show we all still adore. I knew the street number of the house because it was visible in one of the shots.

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Rick and Steve, "Rick and Steve:

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Things you only notice in The O.C. as an adult

However, there were many self-referential winks in the mix, too, which you probably missed on your first watch. April, Ben, and Derek, "Parks and Recreation" Speaking of cool characters that help to reshuffle stereotypes in the ol' collective consciousness, Rachel Bilson's Summer Roberts did quite a bit towards championing the idea that popular, attractive, rich, white girls aren't just like, totally vapid, or whatever. If this enlightenment about wealth representation in The O. The way they wrapped everything up was almost perfect.

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Kevin and Jason, "Brothers and Sisters" The couple living there conclude that it must be fate, and agree to sell the house to the Cohens. Stef and Lena, "The Fosters" Justin and Austin, "Ugly Betty" Will and Vince, "Will and Grace" Bergstrom give an eye-opening analysis of how many of the worst traits associated with the show's working-class characters are "reserved for people of color.

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