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Alex held up his hands and went: Finally, with an audible 'schlick,' his dick slid its way inside of the purple dragon's hole. Maybe it was true; at least around Flame. He could tell that Spyro was in pain from how hard he was, and started rubbing the dragon's cock with his tiny hands to make him cum, Spyro stopped him before he could. Flame screamed with passion, feeling Spyro's cum splash in him.

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Spyro wanted to try and get up on his front legs, but was simply content with just laying there under Flame, only lightly grinding back against him when the spurts of seed sent tingles of pleasure up his back.

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At this point, he wasn't sure how much longer he would last. I did mean it With time, though, the scent in the air grew more potent, his arousal grew stronger, and slowly but surely, one side of the fight grew quieter and quieter until After cleaning another off they took some moments to catch their breaths and recover. Spyro gave a huge grin at his friend.

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Flame was almost drooling as he felt Spyro's warm insides massage the length of his member. I hope you guys enjoy the return of this story. While Flame's body temperature already was slightly above average for a dragon, the warmth of Spyro's dragon cum was completely different. A pressure began to build up in his balls, Flame held on tighter to Spyro's waist and started thrusting harder; Spyro only groaning out, lost in the pleasure. Shaking his head, he exited his dwelling, but with half-droopy eyes his vision was impaired, so he accidentally bumped into Spyro, momentarily stunned by surprise. She received a sharp moan in response.

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