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Hunt is on for new BP chairman. My family and friends would probably prefer me to give up on this matter and enjoy my retirement after so many years working for Shell. Brunei steps up to fight corruption: Bells toll for Europe's largest gas field: I have done everything possible to ring the alarm bells about Shell management and its unscrupulous attitude to the safety of its employees. This was achieved by outright deception, without paying a cent to the firms involved, who wrongly believed they were participating in an honest tender. Groningen gas demand seen falling sharply:

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Shell accused of benefiting from South African apartheid-era land law:

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Shell used slave labor and was a close business partner in Germany of I. Wilkinson has reason for enthusiasm, given the giant new investments that Exxon Mobil, Chevron, BP and Shell have begun to make here despite all the price uncertainty. But one field withstood the onslaught, and even thrived: Former Shell worker says rush to prepare for Arctic drilling resulted in unsafe conditions: Daniella Rush and Nikki Dark deserves a huge load of cum for their performance. Shell suffers second cut to credit rating:

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No problems were found. It is the first time for Korean natural gas consumers to meet natural gas from Sakhalin. Shell's Arctic defeat ends dream of new frontier: PrimePress theme by Ravi Varma. This is not a Shell website, nor is it officially endorsed by or affiliated with Royal Dutch Shell. Dutch agency calls for further cut in Groningen gas production: I revealed that ESDV leak-off tests were purposely falsified, not once but many times and that Brent Bravo platform management had admitted responsibility for the dangerous practices being followed.

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