Transgender m2f

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Expect shrinkage of muscle and redistribution of fat. If you think about transitioning, plan as much as you can beforehand. If my child wants to transform from male to female, what do I need to do? Seek a qualified therapist. Research the different procedures, prepare yourself to combat discrimination, and estimate the amount of money required to complete your transition.

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Another simple option is to change your hairstyle to masculine or feminine.

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Hormone treatment for transgender women

During this surgical procedure, surgeons work to convert your penile and scrotal tissue into a vagina, clitoris, and labia. Once you have them, it's unwise to have them permanently removed: Most friends are being supportive. Do you nevertheless want a child in the future? This article has greatly boosted my confidence, even though I am still a little scared of coming out to my parents. AP Alex Pri Jul 22, This usually happens after approval by the physician and after submitting a statement from the psychologist and endocrinologist.

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Cookies make wikiHow better. Reach out, and find some people who have similar experiences to yours. It's well-written, compact, useful, and helpful. I want to undergo this transition as soon as possible I'm 14 but I know my parents would literally disown me if I even told them that I was transgender. I've known since I was five, I just didn't tell anyone, because back then it really was a big deal.

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